Best Backlinks Services For Cannabis & CBD Websites

The grass would be greener on your side with 747 Media House. Our link building experts create a customized backlink strategy that’s unique to your cannabis and CBD websites, drive top-tier traffic to your brand, and help you rank higher in search results.

How Does CBD Links Building Work?

Let’s face it. The internet is a highly competitive market, especially for cannabis backlinks. Here’s how expert-driven CBD link building services like ours work for you:


We are one of the handful of cannabis link building services that secure link placements for you on websites that are both popular and relevant in your niche.


We ensure your CBD backlinks are included in top-notch, compelling content that speaks directly to your target audience and drives relevant traffic.


We understand the value of proper auditing while securing your cannabis backlinks. Our experts only approach reputable sources within the cannabis industry for the links.

Our SEO Case Studies

Explore our SEO Case Studies to witness the power of our backlink services in action, showcasing remarkable success stories from clients who have achieved outstanding results in improving their search engine rankings and online visibility.

Cannabis Backlinks Price

Collaborate with the best CBD link building experts specializing in cannabis at the best prices. Just take your pick and start dominating your niche:

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$ 247
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$ 347
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$ 447
DR 60+ Guest Post
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DR 70+ Guest Post
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DR 30+ Niche Edit Link
$ 197
DR 40+ Niche Edit Link
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Importance Of Cannabis Link Building For Your Business

There are over 15,000 cannabis dispensaries and 4,000 CBD brands in the US. Strategic cannabis link building is the only way to stand out. Here’s how our CBD backlinks work for your business to become a household name:


Our cannabis link building services connect your website to high-authority domains. So, we don’t just redirect traffic to your CBD site; we bring a stream of visitors who are most likely to convert into paying customers.


Our tailored CBD link building strategy will help your website reach the top of the search results. It improves your discoverability and visibility in front of potential customers, drawing more eyes to your products.


Your business is unique, and your cannabis link-building strategy should be, too. We create a customized plan that aligns with your brand's goals, audience, and the specific nuances of the cannabis industry, ensuring maximum impact.


Stay ahead of the SEO game without bending the rules. Our link-building methods are clean and do not attract any punishments or penalties from search engines. Your site's integrity remains intact, and your rankings grow organically.

Easy Steps To Buy Links For Cannabis

We know that cannabis brands need to create an impact fast to quash the competition. That’s why we make it super simple to buy CBD backlinks. Here’s how:

Initial Consultation

You’ll start with a casual chat with our cannabis link building experts. Here, we'll get to know your business, understand your goals, and explain how our tailored CBD link building services can improve your website.

Strategy Development

Next, we use the pointers from our discussion to create a personalized plan for your business. This involves targeting high-quality cannabis backlinks from reputable sites within the CBD niche.

Initiate Outreach

Now that your CBD backlink strategy is ready leave the heavy lifting to us. Our experts begin the outreach process, securing link placements on authoritative sites that will drive relevant traffic to your website.

Reporting & Adjustments

While working with you, we’ll be an extension of your core team. We provide regular, detailed reports of your cannabis backlink progress, allowing us to fine-tune the approach together according to your SEO goals.

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Answering Before You Ask

Explore our comprehensive FAQ section for quick answers to common queries about our high-quality backlinks services.

What are Cannabis Backlinks?

Cannabis backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites that direct traffic to your cannabis brand website. These backlinks basically act as endorsements or votes of confidence for search engines, signaling that the content on the target site is valuable and relevant to the cannabis industry.

A cannabis brand like yours can gain credibility, increase its online visibility, and attract more targeted traffic by securing quality backlinks from reputable sources within the same niche.

Why is Link Building required for a Cannabis website?
Link building is important for a cannabis website due to the industry’s highly competitive and regulated nature. Quality CBD backlinks from authoritative sites boost search engine rankings and enhance brand credibility and visibility. They signal to search engines that your site is a trusted and quality resource in the cannabis community, leading to higher organic search visibility. This process is crucial for driving targeted traffic, improving site authority, and staying ahead of competitors online.
What types of Links are used for a cannabis website?
Several categories of links are crucial for a cannabis website. For example, editorial backlinks from relevant articles or blogs, partnership or association links from businesses within the cannabis sector, guest post links from industry-related sites, and links from reputable cannabis directories. Each type of backlink serves a specific purpose, from creating credibility to bringing niche traffic, and plays a huge role in the overall link-building strategy for CBD websites.
Are there any legal considerations or regulations related to acquiring cannabis backlinks?
Yes, there are legal regulations and considerations to note when acquiring cannabis backlinks due to the different legal statuses of cannabis across jurisdictions. It's crucial to ensure that the sites linking to your cannabis website comply with the laws in their respective regions. Also, focusing on quality and relevance over quantity is important to avoiding penalties from search engines and maintaining the integrity of your CBD brand.
How can one measure the effectiveness of cannabis backlinks?
The effectiveness of CBD backlinks can be measured through a range of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as increased organic traffic, improved search engine rankings for targeted keywords, higher domain authority, and growth in referral traffic. Monitoring these metrics over time can provide insight into how well your backlinking strategy performs and where modifications may be required to get better results.
Can cannabis backlinks help improve a website's search engine rankings?
Of course. Cannabis backlinks from relevant and top-notch sites can substantially improve your site's search engine rankings. These CBD backlinks act as signals to search engines, indicating that your content is valuable and authoritative within the cannabis niche. Search engines are more likely to rank your website higher in search results as your site accumulates more of these positive signals, leading to better visibility and organic traffic.
How do cannabis backlinks differ from traditional backlinks?
Cannabis backlinks are different from traditional backlinks, mainly in audience and relevancy. They target the cannabis industry specifically, focusing on other sites and content related to cannabis and CBD products. This niche targeting is important for building a website's authority in the industry and ensuring that the traffic arriving at the site is relevant and interested in cannabis products and related content. Also, working according to legal regulations adds extra complexity to getting quality CBD backlinks.
How do Search engines treat these Backlinks?
Search engines treat cannabis backlinks like any other. They evaluate the relevance, authority, and quality of the linking site. However, given the sensitive nature of the cannabis industry, search engines must also consider the legality and regulatory compliance of the content being linked to. High-quality, relevant CBD backlinks from reputable sources in the cannabis industry can substantially improve your site’s search rankings. In contrast, links from dubious or non-compliant sources can negatively impact your site’s ranking.