747 Case Study for a Major Crypto Exchange

This case study will take a look at the exceptional growth of a popular crypto-exchange platform through crypto SEO and high-quality backlinks.

The crypto exchange platform we started working with had a decent backlink profile and user base. However, they lacked the relevancy and ranking of their keywords on SERP to generate an even bigger pool of users and organic traffic.

Thanks to 747 Media House’s best link-building services, we made a massive difference in both aspects by earning them 6,528,286 total users in 2023! (According to Ahrefs and Google Analytics)

We have provided a detailed analysis of our approach to this project and how we resolved each challenge the brand faced. We have also highlighted our plan on a quarter-by-quarter basis so you can understand clearly how our foolproof strategies have brought consistent growth for our client.

What is Covered in the Case Study?

We have tried to be as thorough as possible. We have explained in detail how we created crypto backlinks that impacted the brand’s growth and how we approached the project to generate new users every month. Here are the components covered in the case study:

  • Crypto-Platform’s Background
  • Challenges Encountered
  • Recommended Solutions
  • Quarterly Plans
  • Final Thoughts
  • Customer Testimonial

We approached this project with hands-on experience in crypto SEO and backlinking knowledge.

The data-forward strategies we used were on-page SEO, off-page SEO, link building, internal linking, anchor placements, backlinking, monetization, keyword research, and content management to create a quarterly plan to increase the crypto platform’s yearly progression in terms of revenue, users, traffic, and keywords.

Brand Background

Our client, a crypto-centric exchange platform for various users, offers trading services. Though we cannot disclose the name due to confidentiality, the project is extensive, and their monthly users are decent from the get-go. The platform offers fair trading practices and is available in 190+ countries.

They offer trading and investing in more than 200 cryptocurrencies, some of which are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Tether USDT
  • Cardano
  • Polygon
  • Tron
  • Solana
  • USDC

Not only can people invest in these and other cryptocurrencies, but the platform also rewards users by providing 10%+ APR annually for staking assets with it. 

As the site is a marketplace, its primary revenue-generating model is by commissions. When we first started working with them, they were already known as a reputable site where users trade and invest in cryptocurrencies. But, the real issue they faced was ranking their keywords organically.

They lacked the proper knowledge to understand how to organically rank keywords on Google to get more people to their platform and broaden their reach in the market. They wanted to generate better and new rankings for keywords, a consistent user base across multiple channels, and support their growth for the long term.

Let’s examine the challenges this established crypto trading platform faced and how we identified, resolved, and ultimately changed its growth trajectory.


Before this established crypto exchange platform availed services with 747 Media House, they faced many problems. Here are the main challenges that we analyzed during our initial discussion:

  • Inadequate Organic Traffic

An established website should have much higher traffic than what our client was getting. This is particularly shocking for a crypto-centric site, as nowadays, it is a popular domain where many users across the world browse and engage regularly. The backlink profile and bad anchoring were revealed to be the main issues.

  • Low Number of Active Users

This crypto exchange platform lacked the number of users it needed for a brand that is supposed to have an immense market reach. Not only were they getting fewer visitors monthly, but it was also less overall for their services. The brand had not engaged in any blogger outreach or media placements, which explained the problem well.

  • Difficulty in Ranking Keywords

This is where the crypto trading platform suffered the most, and it is also why other problems arose simultaneously. Their internal pages did not rank in SERPs, and their homepage was also not in the top 10 placements. The absence of quality content, niche edits, relevant backlinks, and other off-page SEO problems were the main reasons.

  • Competitive Market

The crypto domain is highly competitive. It has been popular since aggressive market developments, and it's not easy to keep up. Our client suffered the same fate, and the lack of a proper backlink profile, outreach, and high-quality link building services added to the downfall even more.


The solution wasn’t a simple one, but 747 Media House’s expertise is what this brand needed. We started by analyzing their backlinks and making sure they had niche-relevant ones. We also suggested investing heavily in blogger outreach and media placements to get the brand name out there more. 

We contributed to a staggering 6,528,286 users monthly! This is a milestone that is hard to achieve even for other crypto brands, but our high-quality crypto backlinks have helped a lot in this case.

2022 Yearly Highlights

  • Number of links ordered- 1,195,385
  • Total keywords- 164,911

2022 First Quarter (January to March)

We first analyzed what SEO problems the site can refine and what key improvements it can make in its content. We mainly focused on their off-page crypto SEO and site content.

Link Building Strategy

According to our audit, we found gaps in their off-page link building, which we quickly improved by ordering high quality crypto backlinks. Niche-based backlinks were a missing component, which helped them bring relevancy and more authority to their site.

We made sure these links made it to their homepage first, then to other important internal pages. The site content also lacked long-tail and niche-specific keywords. Our team helped them implement these 2 strategies fast so Google could pick their site as the best in the crypto space.

How Many Links Ordered?

  • Total links ordered- 214,002
  • Blogger Outreach-40%
  • Niche Edits- 30%
  • Media Placements- 20%
  • Tier 2- 10%

Results Per Quarter

  • Increase in traffic

We saw an increase in organic traffic to 2,010,309 for the first quarter with just a small number of links we had ordered for the brand.

  • Increase in Keywords Ranking

Total organic keywords ranking in the top 3 for the first quarter were 8,441

Total organic keywords ranking from 4th to 10th position for the first quarter were 24,111

Total keywords ranking for the first quarter were 30,7660

  • Increase in No of users

The number of users attained organically and from other paid practices also increased to 603,092.

2022 Second Quarter (April to June)

After making sure the basics were out of the way, we quickly made on-page SEO and outreach part of our strategy for the next quarter. We also kept working on building niche backlinks simultaneously.

Link Building Strategy

We continued with backlinking work by implementing better niche-edit links and making sure more pages got the authority they needed. Moreover, we shifted the focus to bringing in new organic traffic through these links.

We also started with blogger outreach, which can boost organic traffic immensely. This gave us a way to maintain authority in the competitive crypto space without much effort. Our team strengthened the site's existing backlinks through Tier 1 and Tier 2 backlinks.

How Many Links Ordered?

  • Total links ordered- 589,547
  • Blogger Outreach- 40%
  • Niche Edits- 40%
  • Media Placement- 10%
  • Tier 2- 10%

Results Per Quarter

  • Increase in traffic

The second quarter was even more fruitful after we implemented even more successful strategies to induce growth. It went from 2,010,309 to 2,167,488.

  • Increase in Keywords Ranking

Total organic keywords ranking in top 3 increased from 8,441 to 8,819

Total organic keywords ranking from 4th to 10th position grew from 24,111 to 28,771

Total keywords enhanced from 30,7660 to 31,8662

  • Increase in No of users

The number of users saw a decent boost from 603,092 to 650,246 because of our outreach for the quarter.

2022 Third Quarter (July to September)

Our progress so far focused on on-page and off-page SEO, but in the next quarter, our agenda became keywords. We wanted the brand to pursue rankings to improve its authority aggressively.

Link Building Strategy

We began by improving SERP rankings on Google and other search engines by helping the brand implement long-tail, mid-tail, and other keywords into its content. This plan was to aid them in naturally bringing more organic traffic and authority.

After we sought out the content and refined it even more, we approached more niche-edit backlinks, as stopping them would make a huge dent in the progress. These backlinks strengthened their backlink profile and got them placed in the content of many high-authority sites.

How Many Links Ordered?

  • Total links ordered- 207,854
  • Blogger Outreach- 30%
  • Niche edits- 30%
  • Crypto backlinks - 30%
  • Tier 2- 10%

Results Per Quarter

  • Increase in traffic

The next quarter speaks for itself as the results were tremendous, from 2,167,488 to 2,388,446, as SERP rankings became better.

  • Increase in Keywords Ranking

Total organic keywords ranking in top 3 boosted from 8,819 to 8,916

Total organic keywords ranking from 4th to 10th position rose from 28,771 to 30,437

Total keywords increased from 31,8662 to 34,3787

  • Increase in No of users

The number of users also saw an improvement from 650,246 to 716,533 as more quality backlinks were added.

2022 Fourth Quarter (October to December)

The last quarter helped us analyze the progress so far with a bird’s eye view and understand what we had to do further. The only thing left to do now was to promote the brand on media portals and continue blogger outreach.

Link Building Strategy

This quarter was the most important as media placements, blogger outreach, and backlinks can generate organic traffic for a longer time. This will make sure you safeguard your progress for months to come.

We ordered the best media placements for crypto-niche and reached out to high-domain bloggers to feature the site as quickly as possible. This steady approach made a big difference in increasing traffic over a few days and skyrocketed the site's authority.

How Many Links Ordered?

  • Total links ordered- 183,982
  • Blogger outreach- 40%
  • Media placement- 40%
  • Niche edits- 10%
  • Tier 2- 10%

Results Per Quarter

  • Increase in traffic

The last quarter of 2022 made our efforts worth it, as the organic traffic increased from 2,388,446 to 2,508,651 in just 3 months.

  • Increase in Keywords Ranking

Total organic keywords ranking in top 3 stepped up from 8,916 to 9,377

Total organic keywords ranking from 4th to 10th position increased from 30,437 to 46039

Total keywords rose from 34,3787 to 36,7131

  • Increase in No of users

Thanks to our strategies, the brand's number of users increased from 716,533 to 752,595.

2023 Yearly Highlights:

  • Number of links ordered- 3,812,545
  • Total keywords- 517,061

2023 First Quarter (January to March)

After we implemented the best link-building strategy for the first year, the site had grown to a pretty significant place. However, we still needed to strengthen their user base and cement their name in the crypto space for a long time.

Link Building Strategy

The new quarter meant we needed to upscale their user base as much as possible. For that, we ensured their mid-tail and long-tail keywords were ranking and brought more organic traffic through blogger outreach.

We kept partnering with more relevant and high-authority bloggers to feature the brand and generate more users. We also did some keyword research to see if we could incorporate more keywords into their site to make it rank higher on SERPs with more authority.

How Many Links Ordered?

  • Total links ordered- 136,037
  • Blogger outreach- 40%
  • Media placement- 30%
  • Niche edits- 20%
  • Tier 2- 10%

Results Per Quarter

  • Increase in traffic

From the last quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023, we saw an astonishing growth from 2,508,651 to 2,747,924.

  • Increase in Keywords Ranking

Total organic keywords ranking in top 3 grew from 9,377 to 10,338

Total organic keywords ranking from 4th to 10th position went from 46,039 to 61,881

Total keywords progressed from 36,7131 to 40,7324

  • Increase in No of users

The website encountered an increased number of users, from 752,595 to 824,377.

2023 Second Quarter (April to June)

After getting back rankings on more new and existing keywords, we started by auditing the backlinking profile to ensure it was healthy and had niche-relevant links.

Link Building Strategy

Our first approach was to check for old or broken links. This is quite common even when you order high-quality crypto backlinks. We quickly replenished them and continued to push more niche edits and crypto backlinks.

We also worked with our team to create even more tier 2 and tier 1 backlinks that would support the backlink profile for the future. We maintained our link building strategy and saw that internal linking, guest post blogging, and outreach were upheld.

How Many Links Ordered?

  • Total links ordered- 196,822
  • Niche edits- 40%
  • Tier 2- 30%
  • Blogger outreach- 20%
  • Media placement- 10%

Results Per Quarter

  • Increase in traffic

Implementing the best practices resulted in an evident boost in traffic for the second quarter, from 2,747,924 to 2,895,265.

  • Increase in Keywords Ranking

Total organic keywords ranking in top 3 rose from 10,338 to 11,442

Total organic keywords ranking from 4th to 10th position increased from 61,881 to 68,691

Total keywords went from 40,7324 to 41,2147

  • Increase in No of users

The brand's user base has steadily increased even in this quarter, from 824,377 to 868,579.

2023 Third Quarter (July to September)

Now that the beginning of the year went extremely well in generating consistent traffic, we wanted to uphold it more by maintaining a consistent flow of traffic with an emphasis on creating steady organic growth.

Link Building Strategy

It was difficult to come up with new ways to improve the website, as we had done a great job ranking the crypto trading platform and its pages. However, we sought out the best media placements to keep the authority and traffic high.

Our hard work proved true, as the site kept increasing in SERP rankings for the homepage and others. We also maintained the number of backlinks and practiced the best SEO strategies to sustain long-term growth.

How Many Links Ordered?

  • Total links ordered- 298,468
  • Blogger outreach- 30%
  • Media placement- 30%
  • Niche edits- 20%
  • Tier 2- 20%

Results Per Quarter

  • Increase in traffic

The site saw a consistent increase in organic traffic numbers from 2,895,265 to 2,994,273 as we used more crypto-centric strategies.

  • Increase in Keywords Ranking

Total organic keywords ranking in top 3 went from 11,442 to 13,117

Total organic keywords ranking from 4th to 10th position increased from 68,691 to 72,713

Total keywords boosted from 41,2147 to 42,6157

  • Increase in No of users

The crypto exchange platform has boosted its number of users from 868,579 to 898,281.

2023 Fourth Quarter (October to December)

As we saw steady growth of organic traffic, users, and authority in the last quarter of 2023, we wanted to focus more on user engagement and dwell time.

Link Building Strategy

We aggressively promoted our link-building services to ensure the last quarter was the best yet. We ordered the most links to date and ensured they came from the highest authority sites possible.

For the users, we kept working with the platform to enhance their content and keywords. We also suggested some features like allowing account creation for free, which came in handy to increase user engagement and dwell time.

How Many Links Ordered?

  • Total links ordered- 1,985,833
  • Blogger Outreach- 30%
  • Crypto backlinks- 40%
  • Niche edits- 10%
  • Tier 2- 20%

Results Per Quarter

  • Increase in traffic

Our dedication proved to be fruitful as the site had the highest organic traffic rate this quarter, from 2,994,273 to 4,048,611.

  • Increase in Keywords Ranking

Total organic keywords ranking in top 3 increased from 13,117 to 19,452

Total organic keywords ranking from 4th to 10th position rose from 72,713 to 94,516

Total keywords went from 42,6157 to 54,6810

  • Increase in No of users

The user base also had the highest quarterly growth, from 898,281 to 1,214,583.

Final Thoughts

Our link-building strategy for the established crypto exchange platform made it into a renowned brand for crypto trading in just two years. While two years might seem like a long time, it is not if you are trying to rank SERP and create a long-lasting online presence. Here are the insights gleaned from this project:

  • Optimizing Target Keywords

We incorporated niche-specific and high-value keywords for the brand within meaningful content. As crypto as a niche can be very informative, we ensured that quality didn’t miss the mark. Because of these simple yet effective strategies for SERP rankings of keywords, we saw a 52.86754986% increase in their top 3 keywords rankings and 130.2145982% rankings for their top 4 to 10 keywords.

  • Increase in Organic Traffic

After carrying out the best possible keyword research, ranking, and optimization, we landed an increase in organic traffic. As Google kept ranking the various pages and the homepage on SERP, it automatically gave our traffic a boost it desperately needed. The traffic saw an increase of 39.79307086% as compared to 2022.

  • Increase in No of Users

The high quality blogger outreach and niche-friendly media placements helped us improve the number of users by 39.79% in 2023. We ensured that all our SEO practices helped the brand in the long run and maintained authority for as long as possible. This also improved the site’s relevancy in the crypto market.

  • Increase in No of Backlinks

We bought and ordered some of the best crypto backlinks, niche edits, and other links to help the brand achieve big numbers for 2023. The brand's authority and visibility stayed consistent because of the previously mentioned strategies combined with 747’s high-quality backlinks. Our ordered backlinks increased in percentage by 118.94% at the end of 2023.

Customer Testimonial/Feedback

“We collaborated with 747 Media House to make our brand relevant in the crypto market and generate consistent users and traffic. The team worked with us diligently and gracefully, giving us insights on what we can improve and how to stand better on Google SERP. They helped us increase our organic traffic rate and number of users and even optimize our keywords for better rankings. It is astonishing how their service pays off from day 1 of use. We would like to work with 747’s team consistently to keep fulfilling our brand goals for the future!” 

  • Vice President of Marketing (Representative of the Crypto Exchange Platform)