One of the competitive ways of ensuring that your website performs qualitatively is by increasing the domain authority score. To simplify, the authority score is like a metric that maintains the quality of your site by quantifying the overall authoritativeness.

While there's no fixed authority score, as an admin, you have to constantly check and compare your score with other competitors to get an idea of the site's performance. Explore the article till the end to learn more about how you can increase the domain authority and more.

How to Check Domain Authority Score?

The domain authority has a direct relation with your site ranking. You can have higher authority scores when your site has more organic traffic and backlinks. To check the authority score of your domain, you have to sign in with a trusted domain authority checker. 

Any reliable authority-checking tool follows specific criteria in determining the authority score. That is: 

  • By considering the organic traffic. Like how many organic clicks your search engine has every month. 
  • Both the quality and quantity of site backlinks
  • To make the authority checking free from manipulation, the spam factors are also considered. 

Based on these factors, the domain authority checker algorithm combines a data-driven estimate score for your authority. Once you get an estimated score, compare your performance with your competitor sites of the same or similar niches.

How to increase domain authority

Do Authority Scores Serve as a Ranking Factor?

Authority scores are not a ranking factor. However, the metrics for estimating domain authority are the same as ranking factors, such as the quality and number of backlinks your site has. Therefore, authority scores are vital in measuring your site's ranking potential. Most importantly, quality content makes a difference because Google Authority only promotes domains trusted by the respective industries. 

  1. Collecting Quality Backlinks from Authentic Sites 

 When estimating authority, backlinks play a pivotal role. Google considers backlinks one of the primary factors for DA score. Most sites that fail to have organic traffic lag because they need backlinks. So, to get backlinks from quality sites, try to look at the top referral sources—that is, referrals from those sites that are connecting you with your traffic sources. 

You can also try other tricks for getting backlinks, such as acquiring links from the same site, having healthy spying habits on your competitors, etc.  

  1. Creating Innovative Contents 

 When you create powerful content on your site, it will drive others organically to link their sites with yours. Such valuable content will lead to more sharing once you backlink with high-authority sites. For example, by referring to government official portals, you add credibility to your content. It boosts the number of linking root domains and secures higher DA. Try to design more such content that is already getting wider popularity and bringing more traffic. 

  1. Try to Remove Bad Links 

Bad links could be more helpful for Google Authority site ranking. Bad links do more harm than good in acquiring DA. The authority-checking tools will wipe out those spam websites and decrease the domain authority of your site. So, prevent such cases by auditing your website regularly and removing possible toxic links. For that take help from multiple SEO tools and identify the harmful links. 

  1. Boost your User Experience  

One of the efficient ways of improving the site performance is by optimizing the site for small-screen devices like your Smartphone. Why? Because Google Authority prioritizes mobile-first and verifies if your site performs functions like loading quickly on them. Such optimized user experiences ensure that your site is safe and helps you to get the SSL certificates. 

  1. Work on Internal Links  

Your internal link structure is crucial for improving the user experience. By improving your internal links, you can engage your visitors with links and navigate them to related pages on your site. Internal links also help in indexing the pages, as it becomes easier for search engine bots to navigate your site.  

When you have a proper internal link structure, then the passage of link juice becomes convenient. Well, link juice as an SEO term means the value of the page passed to other web pages. Therefore, when more links are pointing towards a page then it builds to the reliability of the page. So, by advancing the internal links, you can boost your domain authority. 

End Words 

So, by increasing your DA score you can ensure that you are performing well in comparison to the competitors. More so, because the domain authority scoring also attracts organic traffic and builds towards the popularity of your site. Follow these above five steps and secure quantitative and qualitative authority scores.