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We turn ordinary into extraordinary; you can count on us for the best tier 2 backlinks. Our premium tier 2 link building improves the performance of your existing links, taking your guest posts and niche edits to the top. Why settle for the crowd when you can be the headline?

How Do Tier 2 Link Building Services Work?

At 747 Media House, you’re in the right place for the best tier 2 backlinks. We won't rest until your profile is so strong it becomes the envy of your competitors. Here’s how tier 2 link building services work:


We secure links for you from a wide range of reputed tier 2 websites, thus diversifying your website’s link profile. This diversity plays a key role in improving your website's ranking on search engines as it establishes itself as a source of valuable and relevant content across various domains.


Even though Tier 2 sites may not carry the heavyweight authority of Tier 1 sites, they’re still very important in your SEO. Links from these sites contribute to your site’s overall authority. A higher authority score means better recognition by search engines as a credible and trustworthy source of information.


Tier 2 backlinks create a route for directing their audience to your website. When these sites feature links to your content or brand, you gain the added benefit of targeted traffic. This boosts your site’s visibility and brings interested viewers, improving the potential for conversions and engagement.

Our SEO Case Studies

Explore our SEO Case Studies to witness the power of our backlink services in action, showcasing remarkable success stories from clients who have achieved outstanding results in improving their search engine rankings and online visibility.

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Benefits Of Buying Tier 2 Backlinks

No matter how old or new your business is, our high-quality tier link building can help. Here’s how:


Tier 2 backlinks act as an additional layer of support for your primary backlinks, subtly increasing your website’s authority.


Building the best tier 2 backlinks must be part of your SEO strategy, as this investment will efficiently use your budget.


Tier 2 links SEO can really pay off for your website. Unlike traditional SEO, tier 2 link building allows quicker improvement in your site’s link building efforts.


Tier 2 backlinks give you an edge by amplifying the authority and reach of your existing backlinks, making it easier to stand out and compete.

Buying Process For Tier 2 Links

We make it easy and fast to secure the best Tier 2 backlinks. Here’s how the process works:


We start with a free consultation to discuss your goals and SEO needs. Our experts will understand your expectations and guide you on how Tier 2 links can fit into your strategy.


Choose from our range of packages, or let us create a custom solution tailored to your website's specific requirements. We consider your target audience, niche, and competitive landscape.


After selecting your package, our team gets to work. We create and place Tier 2 links on relevant, authoritative sites, ensuring they complement your Tier 1 links.


We provide detailed reports on your Tier 2 link placements, including the progress of your SEO metrics. We believe in transparency and measurable results.

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Answering Before You Ask

Explore our comprehensive FAQ section for quick answers to common queries about our high-quality backlinks services.

What are Tier 2 links?

Tier 2 backlinks point to your primary (Tier 1) backlinks rather than directly to your main website. The idea is to strengthen the authority of your Tier 1 links, which passes more valuable clicks to your site. These secondary links can come from various sources, including blogs, directories, and social media platforms.

By boosting the prominence and credibility of your Tier 1 links, Tier 2 backlinks indirectly improve your site’s search engine rankings and online visibility.

How do Tier 2 links differ from Tier 1 links?
Tier 1 links are direct backlinks to your website from high-authority and relevant sources, considered the most crucial SEO strategies. Tier 2 backlinks, on the other hand, are those that backlink to your Tier 1 links, boosting their authority and, indirectly, your site’s SEO performance. The key difference lies in their target- Tier 1 links aim directly at your site for immediate authority gain. Tier 2 links work one step removed, supporting the Tier 1 links.
What is the purpose of Tier 2 links in a backlinking strategy?
Tier 2 links enhance the authority and effectiveness of your Tier 1 backlinks, creating a layered SEO strategy. By strengthening the Tier 1 links that directly impact your website's ranking, Tier 2 links indirectly boost your site's position in search engine results. This approach helps distribute link equity more effectively, maximizing the boost from backlinking efforts. Tier 2 links can also help diversify your link profile, a critical factor in SEO success.
Is Tier 2 link building the same as black hat SEO?
No, Tier 2 link building is not inherently the same as black hat SEO, which involves manipulative tactics against search engine guidelines. When done ethically, Tier 2 link building complies with SEO best practices by creating additional layers of backlinks to strengthen the authority of Tier 1 links. The key is to ensure that Tier 2 backlinks are built on relevant, quality content and platforms, avoiding spammy practices that can lead to penalties from search engines.
What are some common mistakes to avoid in Tier 2 link building?
Common mistakes in Tier 2 link building include focusing too much on quantity over quality, using spammy or irrelevant sites for links, and neglecting the relevance and authority of Tier 2 sources. Additionally, failing to monitor the impact of these links and not integrating them into your overall SEO strategy can reduce their effectiveness. Avoiding these mistakes requires an expert strategic approach, which you can get only from us.
Can I only use Tier 2 link building for my SEO strategy?
Depending only on Tier 2 link building is not advisable for a complete SEO strategy. While Tier 2 backlinks can amplify your backlinking efforts, they work best with direct, high-quality Tier 1 backlinks and other SEO tactics like content optimization, guest posting, and media placement improvements. This comprehensive approach ensures a strong and adaptive SEO strategy that can change according to search engine algorithms and online trends.
Are These Links Relevant To My Site?
The relevance of Tier 2 backlinks to your site depends on the quality and context of the Tier 1 links they support. To effectively contribute to your SEO, they must be placed on sites and in content relevant to your niche and industry. This relevance ensures that the link juice passed through Tier 2 to Tier 1 links, and eventually to your site, is valuable and enhances your site’s authority and search rankings meaningfully.
How do you build tier 2 links?
Building Tier 2 backlinks involves identifying and creating backlinks to your existing Tier 1 links. This can be achieved through guest posting on relevant blogs, engaging in forums and community sites, social media platforms, and submitting to web directories. The focus should be on quality and relevance, ensuring the content surrounding Tier 2 links is valuable to your target audience. It’s also important to track these links and adjust your strategy to maintain a healthy and strong backlink profile.